Haunting grunts drowning in a swamp of plaintive guitar outbursts. Soul grooves wrapped in multiple layers of caramel. The ultimate soundtrack for zoning out at a white sand beach on an unknown planet. Just a couple of ways to translate the pleasures of music. Having over fifteen years of experience as a music writer I write tailor made, premium sounding text for any type of publication.

Looking to target a Dutch audience? Yeah, many Dutch speak decent English, but it still is a good idea to transform your content for the local market. Straight up translations, or a creative variation that simply make more sense for a Dutch speaking audience: I’ll rework your content for the Dutch market.

< Alright alright, I’m not a poet. However, from 2010 until 2015 I lived in the South Korean capital of Seoul where I worked as freelance correspondent for Dutch and Belgian media. I live in Seoul once again, an irresistible, dynamic metropolis that is continuously in motion.

In need for text or a quality content localizer? Send me an e-mail to get in touch.