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Korea’s war against sex

From this news article about the backlash a Korean soccer club is getting because some dolls they use turn out to be sex dolls (barely visible on distance): “The K League’s disciplinary committee will review if the presence of these inappropriate mannequins violated the league rules on placing prohibited advertisements or promotional materials, or if these dolls damaged the league’s image and integrity.”

The true inappropriate thing here is this anti-intellectual war against sexuality. In a country that copes with high gender inequality, a gigantic illegal sex industry and endless series of sexual crimes, they today still carry out the message that sex is something inappropriate, something that you should hide, should condemn and should be shocked about. How about teaching kids instead how to be respectful to the other (or same) sex? How about teaching about consent and about embracing sexuality in a civilized way? No? Wanna go on and continue banning, shaming and muting anything that distantly looks like something sexual? OK Korea. But don’t be surprised if your sex crime rate remains high. And that’s not some hippie ideology, its just basic social science. 화 이 팅.