While moving around the globe as a digital nomad I keep myself busy working as a journalist and copywriter with special interest for social and technological innovation and minimalist, high-tech lifestyle and a more general interest in travel, human interest, music and art. Also, at times I still gladly cultivate my experience as a correspondent in South Korea and as a music journalist.

On this website I share blogs, thoughts and publications. And of course you’ll find some more information about me and my experience. Because maybe you googled me and want to know what I have to offer, because you have an offer I can’t refuse. And indeed, my inbox is open for offers for new projects, exciting assignments and other extremely interesting work that matches my experience. Speaking of experience, this is what I focus on and have focused on in the past:

War and misery are dominating the headlines, but at the same time the smartest people come up with great inventions, smarter policies and groundbreaking ideas that make our lives better, easier, greater, more fun and more practical. I’d like to push all of those ideas that increase the quality of our lives. Products that last forever, thrash reducing concepts, bullshit job cutting policies, oil industry-killing inventions: the battle against the old way of consuming isn’t an easy one, but a highly necessary one.
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From 2010 until 2015 I lived in the South Korean capital of Seoul where I worked as freelance correspondent for Dutch and Belgian media. So now and then I still visit Seoul, an irresistible, dynamic metropolis that is continuously in motion. My blogs and publications from that time are archived here (most material is posted on the Dutch version). New stuff related to Korea is posted in the same section.
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Haunting grunts drowning in a swamp of plaintive guitar outbursts. Soul grooves wrapped in multiple layers of caramel. The ultimate soundtrack for a white sanded beach on an unknown planet. It are a few ways to translate the pleasures of music. Between 2003 and 2010 I worked as a music journalist based in the Dutch city of Tilburg, experience that I still cultivate on working new assignments as a journalist and copywriter.
#musicjournalist #rock #metal #techno #noise #festivals


For an extensive overview of my experience and skills, check my profile at LinkedIn. To get in touch simply send me a message through social media or e-mail me at info<at>basverbeek.nl.