Author: Bas Verbeek

Korea-Japan 1910-1945: ‘Sorry for colonizing’

You could feel the Korean people sighing collectively last Tuesday; another Japanese prime minister makes a useless apology for the colonization. Although the apology of Naoto Kan was the first to acknowledge that Japan had set pressure on the Koreans, most don’t value his gesture. The Japanese government should officially acknowledge that their annexation of Korea was unjustified so the Koreans have some peace of mind and can cash their compensation. Which will win: Korean insistence or Japanese tenacity?
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Korea-Japan 1910-1945: ‘Annexation of Korea was illegal’

The colonial period isn’t merely¬†a lingering despondence, but an open wound that festers still today. Ever since the end of the colonial era, Korea desires Japan’s acknowledgment of its mistakes. However, with a lack of hard evidence that the annexation of Korea was unjustified, Japan continues to possess enough ground to keep its back straight. Somebody who has worked to put an end to this for eighteen years is reputable historian Tae-Jin Yi, professor at Seoul National University. He discovered something fishy about the treaty that gave away Korea’s sovereignty. With his continually growing dossier full of evidence and considerable assembly of Korean and Japanese scholars, the bitter truth is slowly but surely permeating Japan.
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Korea-Japan 1910-1945: Japanese Colonial Terror

August 22nd marks one hundred years since the papers were signed to bring Korea definitely under Japanese rule; one week later the treaty was activated. Thirty-five years the Koreans were suppressed violently by their colonizer. The anniversary is an ideal moment for the Koreans to reflect on the Japanese once again as ‘those cruel people who hurt us so much’. First in the series Korea-Japan 1910-1945: a quick course Korea-Japan for dummies.

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